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Development story on Polygon.com

20 february 2015

This is our story told from first person:

job SV dream


Many thanks to Polygon team and to Ben Kuchera personally.

Discount and Award

24 october 2014

Bravada is available with 30% discount for a limited time. Don't miss that opportunity.

Also award from Intel arrived. Hooray! Take a look at this beauty.


Bravada is the Best RPG/Adventure at 2014 Intel Level Up Contest

26 august 2014


Just a couple days before Bravada has been released on Steam. And today we finally can share another good news - our game has been chosen as Best RPG/Adventure at annual worldwide contest by Intel. Bravada will be presented on Penny Arcade Expo 2014 in the Intel booth. Also there will be a giveaway of a steam keys. So feel free to visit, try the game and get your free Steam-key.

Unfortunately we can't visit Seatle and represent Bravada personally as developers because of war activity in our country.


Bravada availeable in Steam!

22 august 2014


Dear friends, we know that you waited for a long time. Our waiting was even longer. And now it happened - Bravada is finally available for purchase in Steam! It is a great joy for us. Now more people worldwide will be able to see our game. Play, comment and tell your friends about the Bravada. We are will be doubly pleased if you will enjoy the game.

All i can say to those who think that the game is too primitive and simple - it will be really hard to get all the gold achievements on Steam.

Enjoy the game! And stay tuned!

Bravada will be available in Steam!

14 july 2014


We finally greenlit and get to Steam due to your support and our persistence. You can't even imagine how happy we are! It was hard and took a lot of time but we regret nothing.

Right now we makes some preparations for the store. It will takes some time but probably not too much. But you still can buy game on our website right now and after Steam-release you will get a key for it. So many people voted for the game and even strict moderators of Steam let us in so you will be not disappointed.


Bravada is available on Windows Store

9 july 2014


Bravada getting better

27 june 2014

Soon there will be another big update.
    Change list:
    - Ukrainian localization added. Thanks to SBT team and PlayUA.net
    - Russian and English localisation is polished and edited. Thanks a lot to Yegor Sadoshenko
    - Few significant improvements in Tactical mode


Release of the Bravada Game

14 may 2014

Congratulation to all fans of the Bravada. Finally this day is came. Today our game will be released. We worked hard for 2 years and now we hope the result will meet your expectations. Today everybody can join the adventure and to be in the shoes of a hero in the world of Bravada.

The game will be available today at 18:00 GMT+3 on our website, Desura platform and other places.

Yesterday we updated version of the game to 1.008 and now anyone who made a preorder can activate ingame rewards. Instructions of how to do that will be sent to your email.

Please keep support us on Steam Greenlight. We need every vote which you can give.

We aslo want to thank all those people who helped us in developing and promoting Bravada: Наталья Гриценко (Endless Stitch), Леонид Жданов (Endless Stitch), Дмитрий Хотулев (Xatik), Пётр Яковишин (Kiborgik), Ильдар (Dariko) Насыбуллин, Алекс Морган (Eligorko), Дмитрий Киселев, Андрей Киценюк, Василий Кузнецов, Carvin James (CJ), Dan Elcombe (Elkee), Monsef Benohoud, Matteo311. You guys will get ingame awards too.

Enjoy the game! Regards,
    Interbellum team


Interbellum Team Video Policy

06 may 2014

We are fine with publishing videos of our games wherever you want. For additional information of this subject visit our contact page.

Game will be released on May 14th

25 april 2014

Good news for all Bravada fans - game is finished. Today game available for preorder not only on our own website
but also at Desura Digital Distribution Desura platform.

Also we made new awesome trailer of the game. You can watch it on Desura page or on Youtube.

And important thing - do not forget to vote for our game at Steam Greenlight. We really need your help.

Content of the game is done!

19 march 2014

chapter5_2    chapter5_3

- Final 5th chapter and mighty final boss is ready.
    - Content of the game is done. Now we polish, testing and preparing game to the release.
    - Bravada now supports gamepads.
    - Now we have new tactical mode for more precise control of big army.
    - A lot of bugs is fixed.

Attention those who wants to get advanced copies of the Bravada. They will not be available for preorder soon.

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