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Happy New Year!

31 december 2013

Interbellum Team wish you a happy New Year and many good and different games in 2014.


Also we glad to tell you that work on Bravada is going well, right now 4-th chapter available for beta-test.

3-rd chapter beta-test!

31 october 2013

After a long peroid of silence, we are pleased to announce that the third chapter is ready and available for all who ordered early access. A new round of story of our dwarf, the new adventures, and of course the mighty boss.

third chapter

Hall of fame

11 september 2013

Now on Bravada page you can find a "Hall of Fame". You can check it here.


Or maybe even find yourself there, if you make a preorder.

Rock Paper Shotgun - preview

5 september 2013

rock paper shotgun

"...I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything quite like Bravada. It’s a turn- and party-based tactical RPG with an incredibly light heart but some rather interesting elements..."

2-nd chapter beta-test!

28 august 2013

Today the second chapter of Bravada is available for beta-test for those who preorder a early access. In this chapter our hero is going to Dark Forest to solve his beard problem. 3-rd chapter is coming!

second chapter

Domo update

24 august 2013

Updated demo-version. It has so many improvements and may be interesting even for those who played previous one. Last one was in may. Changelog:
     - Shadows!!!
     - Main hero now can do upgrades and improve his atributes.
     - Hero also changes his outfit with upgrades.
     - Merchants added to the game. Now you can see and spend your gathered coins.
     - New outlooks for Main hero and many changes in units skins.
     - Improved first story video and added second.
     - You can kill dragon in the end of tutorial.
     - Many changes in first chapter. It became harder, more interesting and has better plot.
     - New consumable items availiable in demo.
     - New representation of range and type of attacks.
     - New food.
     - Changed achievement ballance.
     - Some bugs are fixed.
     - Countless changes in graphics and game logic.

Also in a few days 2-nd chapter will be available for those who preorder early access to it. This chapter tell us about adventures in Dark Forest, the game there shows most gameplay deepness and of course in the end you will fight new and much dangerous boss.

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