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Preorder Bravada

7 august 2013

Now you can preorder Bravada on our web-site! You can get lower price if you do this now. For additional price you can get more features like earlier access, create unique weapons or hats and many others. Some features has limited offer. You can check full list on this page.


History of development

29 july 2013

It was long time ago. In a far far childhood. We love games, from the beginning and later start to dream about make something own. At first attempt as many others we decide to make dream-game MMORPG with featured combat system, battles on 3d maps, role playing system and weapons upgrade... more

Orcish villige

17 june 2013

Third chapter is almost done. Our homble dwarf will visit orcish villige to see local attractions and add a little fun activities to its rutine.


Linux version

20 may 2013

Great new for penguins fans! Now Bravada demo-version available on Linux too! Naturally this means that full versions will be too for sure. If you have some problems or proposition you can send it to us by email.


Demo update

17 may 2013

After a few week of silence here is news. We are keep going and decide to upload a new demo-version.
    Change list:
     - new dialogs system
     - changes in game balance
     - a host of bugs is fixed
     - change main hero appearance option added

Right now we testing 2-nd chapter and developing 3-rd. Although we working on Linux support. So stay tuned.


Chapter 3

17 april 2013

There is no news quiet some time but that`s does`t mean we are idle or something. Right now we do our best and working on Chapter #3, Boss #3, and slowly start to think about Chapter #4.


New demo with edited english text

23 march 2013


In respond to many comments about terrible english, here is an update in all its shinning glory! All text is edited and adapted by native speaker with excellent imagination and sense of humor. We should express our endless gratitude to this man who helped us. Carwyn James, we won`t forget your infinite kindness and altruistic participation. Viva!


16 march 2013


We launched our project on Steam Greenlight.
Guys, we really need your support. Many of you has accounts on Steam, so if you like our game, please vote for us.

Its absolutely free and easy:
    1. Click this link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=132480936
    2. And under the question "Would you buy this game if it were available in Steam?" Click "Yes" button.

We love games so much, and work really hard on our debut project. Game developing is very complex thing and we really wish our game will be finished and you can play it.

We will be thankful for any kind of help. You can write about our game in social media, tell to your friends and ask them to vote. Without your help we can't get into a Steam and months of our everyday work will gone to nothing.

Also we want to show huge appreciation to peoples, who give us a hand in testing, video-reviews or just by a kind words.

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