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New screenshots

7 march 2013

Click here for more.

New demo-version

2 march 2013

New demo-version right here and now! This is huge update with mass of new features and improvements.

Short change list:
       - Hero now can use potions, bombs, cookies and many other stuff right in battle
       - Hero can be equipped with hats and weapons
       - More then 100 items at all
       - Units health can be displays as healthbars
       - With double click you can mark one enemy and set him high priority
       - More effective units formations
       - New balance for levels and units classes
       - Clever enemies
       - New GUI and menus
       - New awesome music made special for game
       - A lot of new sounds and visual effects
       - Hundreds of fixed bugs

Please try it right now. We need all yours opinions and comments in any form. For comments use "Report" button right in game or write us by social-media and e-mail.


Health bars

28 february 2013

We keep working and new demo-version is really close. Many players ask us to add units health bars so we made it too.


New demo-vesion is coming!

18 february 2013


Its a huge quality update. We add a lot new features and improve older ones. Many hours was spend to polish controls and GUI. We took into account users comments and proposition. Ingame tactics now even deeper, gameplay become more various and interesting. Enemies and bosses become smarter and dangerous. Hero now can not only level up but use many different useful items and equips.

Stay tuned.


29 january 2013

Now you can equip hero with many interesting stuff!


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