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Keep working!

23 january 2013

This month we have not been idle and keep working hard. Now we work on new demo-version build which will contain:

       - new game balance and AI;

       - new cool GUI, nice and clear;

       - collectible items, you can use it in battle (explosives, potions etc);

       - hero now have inventory and equipment.

Stay tuned!


P.S. If anybody cares, we take 12-th place of 425) in Ludum Dare indie game developer contest.

We at Ludum Dare

21 december 2012

So we participate in indie game developers contest - Ludum Dare. By contest conditions we have to make game in 3 days. Theme was "I am the Villain". This is our first participation in such events, its was pretty hard, we had to work about 12 hours per day. Right now voting process goes on.

Game on Kongregate.com

Our page on LudumDare.com

Earth Destroyer logo

Bravada demo

10 december 2012

Hurray! Our first open demo-version of Bravada is now available for everyone! We will be thankful for any kind of comments, opinions and bag reports. For that we made special "Report" button inside the game. Just click it and you can easily and quickly write and send to us whatever you want.

You can get demo right there - DOWNLOAD

bravada demo logo

Have a good time!

Forest adventure

5 december 2012

Our brave dwarves spend a good time in a woods: they scare an animals, trample down a mushroom spawns and set whole forest on fire.

forest in fire screen

Someone will be strongly displeasured about their prank...

forest in fire screen

First video

29 november 2012

Our first gameplay video now available on official YouTube channel.

Facebook and Twitter

27 november 2012

Now you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Interbellum now at vk.com

21 november 2012

Now we have official group on vk.com with all our news and info. You can find us here vk.com/bravadagame.

Website launch

20 november 2012

At least we run own website! Here and now you can fall in love with our current game project - Bravada. All info about this game you can find on corresponding page.

In a next few days we plan to upload a gameplay video and first official demo. Initially game will support Windows and Mac platforms. Mobile version will come up later.

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