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Based in Rovenki, Ukraine

Turn Based Tactics

Release date:
14 May 2014

Windows, Mac, Linux

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Press about us

Rock Paper Shotgun
"...I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything quite like Bravada. It’s a turn- and party-based tactical RPG with an incredibly light heart but some rather interesting elements..."

Development story on

The Indie Game Magazine
"Bravada is unique title with some innovative features tucked inside it. It is a strategic, turn-based RPG that is filled with humor and epic boss fights that, surprisingly, doesn’t really feel like a turn-based title the majority of the time. Interbellum has designed an enjoyable – albeit repetitive at times – game that brings a new, and enjoyable twist to the grid-based strategy-RPG gameplay."

Gaming On Linux
"Bravada is the début game from Ukraine developers Interbellum Team that features a cheery little story. It's a game like nothing I've ever played before and I rather enjoyed it. It's a tactical RPG game with turn-based battles like no other."

"...Junte essa diversidade de equipamentos com o sistema de Achievements e você tem muita coisa para desbloquear no mundo de Bravada. Não deixe de dar uma olhada nesta demonstração, especialmente se você curte jogos de estratégia e RPGs clássicos."


You play a young beardless dwarf who dreams about adventures and heroic deeds. Usually dwarves have beards, but for some mystical reasons beard of our hero is not grows. So he decide to make a journey with his friend the bat to solve this problem. During the game you control a group of units each with its own specialities and features. Units can get levels and transform into other forms by your choice. Combats is turn based but fast due to clever control system.


- Fresh battle system. It is turn based but feels like an action

- Hundreds of units. And you can get anyone to your team (even foes)

- Humorous plot and unique description of every game element

- RPG-elements like inventory and unit classes

- Units evolution and selection of specialization on every 5th level-up



History of development

It was long time ago. In a far far childhood. We love games, from the beginning and later start to dream about make something own. At first attempt as many others we decide to make dream-game MMORPG with featured combat system, battles on 3d maps, role playing system and weapons upgrade. We had experience working in game development companies but nevertheless we front many complex problems and decide to give up and make something much simpler. So we quit our jobs and decide to give full time to make new game by our selfs.

We had a room, 2 computers, laptop and crappy internet. That was enough so we go deep in to development. I believe our relatives never understand us neither yesterday nor today. Hopes they will tomorrow. So we decide to make something simple (in truth not that simple) and start looking for some ideas. We have several and examine many different variants. At some moment we find one cool old game - Battle of tiles. It has pretty nice battle system, with fast and easy control of numerous units. In fact this game has nothing but battles. We take this idea and enveloped it with story plot, main character, unit transformation system, item etc. That`s how our game vision was formed.

For the game engine we decide to use Unity3d, cause we have some experience with it and Unity prove itself as functional and comfortable for us. In our humble opinion Unity is perfect for small and medium games. All 3d stuff we making in Blender3d - great open source 3d editor. Luckily its blend-files can be imported directly into Unity3d.

We made some early prototypes pretty fast to check the gameplay mechanics. Then we made story plot, split it to chapters and start to making levels. At first we shows game builds to our friends only, and have many positive comments, but thats is friends for. To get more realistic vision we decide to go Steam Greenlight. Many user there liked our game but other have some misunderstood and take Bravada as another f2p-crappy iPad game. In fact it is initially a PC game with deep mechanics you just need to give it a chance.

During the process of developing we add something, change something, cut something. But now idea of the game in finished and it won`t change significantly. We are a small team of three friends but main tasks (game design, code and graphics) we making by oneself. All music in game created by cool guys and musicians - Endless Stitch. One kind guy from Australia helped us a lit by editing our poor english in demo-version.

PR and management task was and is very time consuming tasks for us. During developing process we meet many different problems first time. For now game is still in developing but it will be finished at any costs. After release we will write big postmortem-article which will describe whole process in details with deep analysis what was right or not. Hopes it will be really handy for many small studious like us who just started. So stay tuned!

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